Dragees make up the heart of Candy D vision. That is where we started and what we continue to nurture as our most valuable tradition. The unsurpassed attractiveness and dazzling glow of the dragees leave no one indifferent. Today, the offer of our handmade dragees represents a lavish world made up of many flavors, shapes and colors.


Give someone perfect moments dipped in chocolate. Choose from several different gift packages, designed to satisfy everyone’s taste. Let your loved one remember you every time you enjoy another delicious, hand-prepared blend of first-class dragees.


Little Sweet consists of as many as 20 different dragee packages intended for everyday enjoyment.

It is up to you to choose your favorite taste.


For all fans of quality dragees, bulk sales of kilogram packages are available, for the possibility of tailor-made sales. In specialized stores you can find and choose dragees to buy in flavors and quantities that suit to you.