Chocolate is an indispensable part of the Candy D world.

That is why, many years ago, we started to produce our own high-quality chocolates and thus further improved the quality of our dragees.

After a while, the finest Candy D chocolate, deserved to appear in our range and in the form of a separate brand that we are especially proud of.

Our new brand is “JUST CHOX – and nothing else…“ because they are exactly that.


Taste a work of art in the form of the most beautiful chocolate.

The highest quality dark, milk or white chocolate interspersed with homemade and exotic candied fruits such as cherries, strawberries, kumquats, figs, amarena, oranges and bergamots, along with roasted almond flakes and hazelnuts. Feel the combination of sumptuous taste, rich aroma and visual enjoyment.


The best version of chocolate, when chocolate is all you want.

Like any Candy D chocolate, Just Chox is made to satisfy all your senses.

It consists only of those ingredients that make up the finest chocolate and nothing more. Choose dark, milk or white Just Chox chocolate.


One Just Chox board is not enough? There is no limit, take the broken Just Chox cubes in bulk and with a little skill make some of the many top cakes, pies or other treats to delight your loved ones.