Candy D is a world of dragees and chocolates with a long history and tradition that lasts from 1995 until today.

From the very beginning, we were guided by the idea of ​​making products of the highest quality, which includes the assortment of healthy and carefully selected ingredients, carefully balanced final flavors, as well as the key imperative of original and attractive packaging.

Continuous progress and improvement in every field is a contstantly process and challenge for us.


The recognizability of Candy D is reflected in the attractive “gift” packaging, handmade dragees and top-quality chocolates.

At the same time, for true lovers of pleasure in good taste, Candy D dragees and chocolates can be found in stores as a tailor-made offer also, with plenty of combinations to choose from.

… Or you may be pleased with the diverse HoReCa offer intended for cafes and restaurants.

During almost three decades of existence, we have remained a consistent symbiosis of modern technologies with traditional experience, as well as a commitment to detail at every stage of the process.


We produce all our chocolates (white, milk, dark) ourselves, with our own technology, because we do not agree to compromises when it comes to quality. Our chocolates are without the presence of vegetable fats, without additives, flavor enhancers, any substitutes or anything else that true chocolate should not contain.

The high participation of exclusively “natural” cocoa butter, as well as the highest quality cocoa parts are the essential features of our chocolates.

When it comes to dragees, centers are important in the production of these prestigious products.

Selected almonds, hazelnuts, fruits like chokeberry and cranberry or orange peel are just some of the carefully selected popular flavors.


Dragees represent the most appreciated confectionery products everywhere in the world, patiently and handmade with the skill of true masters. And so it has been for centuries.

Our team consists of a small and selected number of people who are in charge of each step of production: from a detailed inspection of each grain of the centers before the coating process, through the process of coating of centers and getting a dazzling shine, all the way to the final careful packaging. For this process to run successfully, skill, dedication, mastery and patience are required.

We believe in our tradition, experience and consistency of our idea. So, many team members have been with us since the founding of the company.